Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet Mr. 365

Meet Will, also known as Mr. 365. He's not like most guys...                 
He's mysterious, charming and has a heart of gold
Here's his loyal companion, Romeo...
Romeo is always looking for love

Will and Romeo live in an enchanted house where 
stars shine indoors and snow is always falling...365 days a year

inspiring romantic moments like this...
Your invitation to Will's world arrives tomorrow 
when his story, Mr. 365, goes live on Amazon.
Hope you join us ♥  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Are You Ready for Mr. 365?

I'm proud to announce the upcoming release for my new book Mr. 365
It will be available on November 19th!

Check out our beautiful man on Mr. 365's back bookcover!

                            Mr. 365

When reality show producer Sophia is assigned to convince Christmas fanatic Will to be on their holiday special, she imagines him to be an oddball momma’s boy wearing a reindeer Christmas sweater. What she doesn’t expect is the handsome, mysterious man who captures her attention, and seems determined to win her heart.
Their attraction is undeniable, and as charming Sophia convinces Will to work with her, she slowly unwraps the secrets in his past that make this determined and soulful man still yearn for the childhood he never had.
When the chaos of production starts, will Sophia be able to keep her promises to protect Will from being exploited, or will the bitter truth of reality television be a runaway train of disaster for both of them?
Join Sophia, Will and his dog Romeo to enter the world of his enchanting holiday house where stars shine indoors and snow is always falling…365 days of the year.