Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Announcing the Animate Me Cup Drawing Contest!

To Celebrate the May 1st Release of Animate Me!

In Animate Me, shy animator Nathan admires cartoon exec, Brooke, from afar. When he finally gets the courage to pursue her he decides to woo her by  bringing her favorite coffee drink to her every afternoon and drawing special pictures on the cup. As their relationship progresses, so do the cup drawings, which visually show the evolution of their relationship.
So what would you draw on a cup to woo or charm the person you adore?  

Any drawing, whether a stick figure or miniature Rembrandt qualifies as long as it is hand-done on a cup and has a romance, happiness, Animate Me or cartoon theme. To submit your entries take a clear picture of your illustrated cup and send it to me via and include @RuthyWrites in your message.  You can also upload it on my Facebook page
You can submit multiple entries as long as they are submitted individually. Cups will be judged on originality, execution and for the successful interpretation of the  theme. Contest deadline is May 30th. Winners will be announced June 3rd. See the prizes below... 
Contest Grand Prize
Choose from one of the following
(art will be framed)
Second Place Prize: A $50.00 Starbucks gift card & Animate Me traveling coffee mug
Third Place: A $25.00 Starbucks gift card & Animate Me traveling coffee mug
All winners also receive signed copies of the printed book version of Animate Me
Happy drawing...I can't wait to see what you create!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Animators are Sexy

Now Snoopy may not have faith in Charlie Brown, but I do...or at least I have faith in the animators who draw him in his cartoons. 

I've known and admired a lot of animators and comic artists so I'm going to share with you why I think animators are sexy. Yes, I'm going to generalize a bit and focus on the men (although women animators are sexy too!)...but work with me people...

Animators are smart, with clever minds and I think that's hot.

They are super creative and have wild imaginations...which can lead to all kinds of fun.

They love women with curves...if you don't believe me look at their work. Hello Jessica Rabbit and Red Hot!

Animators are kind and generous...when you are good to them, they will appreciate you...and seriously, who wouldn't love that!

So next time you watch a cartoon remember-the man of your dreams could have drawn it. If you get to meet him at comic con, show him some Love!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Welcome to my author blog and first post!

It feels a little crazy to be here...just last Saturday I was at an author's event in Universal City (L.A.) and fan-girling over authors I admire, not connecting with the idea that I was soon going to put out my first book. I went to the book-signing alone, and for the three hours I stood in line I talked to everyone around me. They were cool young women and we talked about our favorite stories we'd read recently. I made notes on books they suggested that I'd never heard of (and ordered them when I got home.) But what struck me most was the passion they felt for the books they loved, and the pleasure they took in sharing that information with their girlfriends and on-line book groups. It felt like a movement, where these indie authors they admired had not just told their stories, but had come together to support each other and reach out to their readers. In doing so they have created something bigger and more exciting than anyone could have imagined.

Once in the author's room I moved from table to table meeting these warm and appreciative writers, who had worked so hard for their success. Many had traveled great distances to meet the fans that had supported them. In the tough business of publishing, they are risk-takers who are following their hearts and achieving their dreams. I left that day energized with a lot of books in my arms, and renewed inspiration to work hard and achieve my dreams too.

So here I am now...following my heart. I hope whatever road you're traveling down, that you're following your heart too.