Friday, April 12, 2013

Animators are Sexy

Now Snoopy may not have faith in Charlie Brown, but I do...or at least I have faith in the animators who draw him in his cartoons. 

I've known and admired a lot of animators and comic artists so I'm going to share with you why I think animators are sexy. Yes, I'm going to generalize a bit and focus on the men (although women animators are sexy too!)...but work with me people...

Animators are smart, with clever minds and I think that's hot.

They are super creative and have wild imaginations...which can lead to all kinds of fun.

They love women with curves...if you don't believe me look at their work. Hello Jessica Rabbit and Red Hot!

Animators are kind and generous...when you are good to them, they will appreciate you...and seriously, who wouldn't love that!

So next time you watch a cartoon remember-the man of your dreams could have drawn it. If you get to meet him at comic con, show him some Love!


  1. Animators sound purrfect… Great post Ruth!

  2. Love!

    Geeks shall inherit the earth.

    Great post, bb!