Thursday, July 11, 2013

Always a Fangirl- Comic Con Countdown-6 days to go

I've already packed by pins and books for Comic Con...can you tell how excited I am! My last few Comic Cons have been so special as it's where I've gotten to meet and spend time with online friends from around the world who share my passion for the characters we read and write about. Who would have thought that I'd have camped out for panels, huddled with my community late into the night as we laughed and shared our stories. I've always been a fangirl and always will be.

As someone who has spent hours waiting to meet favorite authors and artists, I'm so excited to have a chance to meet people that have read or have interest in Animate Me. It's truly an honor.

Here is my Comic Con schedule:

Thursday July 18th Book Signing at Van Eaton Gallery Booth # 4213  3-4pm

Friday July 19th  Book Signing at Upstart Crow with Daisy Prescott, SL Scott and JM Darhower-in Seaport Village 5 minute walk from the Convention Center-Behind the Grand Hyatt 5-6pm

Saturday July 20th  I'm on the Twi Fan Fiction Panel 
Room 27A 12 noon-1pm

Saturday  July 20th      Book Signing at the ASIFA (International Animated Film Association) Booth # 1534 2-3pm

Hope you stop by so I can fangirl over you!

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